Kevin M Granger



In Firefox, it’s 5 clicks to reach proxy settings. Also, all existing addons are too complex, visually stuck in 2005, or nonfree software.

Currently it just toggles between on and off, but I’ll be adding more soon.

curlFS / webFS


It’s a common UNIX idiom to represent resources as files. Why can’t webpages be the same way?

Inspired by Plan 9’s webfs.


Video Game

A chemistry quiz meets a dating sim!?

Chemistry is an educational game. Meet ions, get to know them by proving your chemistry knowledge, then match them to their one true pairing– and see lovely bonds form!

Written using C# and Unity.

30 Silver

Board Game

Or, “Betraying Your Friends for Fun and for Profit”.

A board game based upon the themes of betrayal, chaos, and greed.

Graphic courtesy of Nate Schwob.

The BeardBrothers Proudly Present: G1

Video Game

A symmetric tower-defense game written in C# using the XNA Framework.

This was a final project for Game Software Development. I served as software architect for our group.

Art assets courtesy of Nate Schwob.